Hello! My name is Cherry.

I started this press-on nail business because I want to deliver people with salon-quality nails to their doorstep.

It all started when I was in university trying to study subjects that will “provide a stable job” while working part-time in retail. Then the pandemic hit making matters more difficult. 

Knowing that I didn’t like what I was studying and feeling miserable at my job, I took the leap to drop all my courses and invest everything I have to pursue this business. 

Although the pandemic has caused some hardship, it also allowed me to rekindle with my old hobbies (nail art being one of them). 

That’s when I realized I love creating beautiful art pieces for people to wear and feel special (even during the pandemic, you do deserve a bit of self care after all).

Nails add to the finishing touches to any outfit and enhances your self care routine to become the best version of yourself.

Time is precious so my mission is to provide a product that can save you time and hassle from booking an appointment, commuting, and waiting at the salon to have your nails done.

All you have to do is simply pick a design, shape, and length of your choice from the collection presented and checkout. It’s that easy!

I look forward to seeing where this takes.

I hope you find this glimpse of my life motivating to drive you to become a better version of yourself and nail your dreams.