To Make Nails Last Longer

Use a file to scratch the underside of the artificial nail tip.

This allows glue to flow into the scratches to create better adhesion. However, this may make the nail tips non-reusable as it will have glue residue within the scratches. And, the scratches will make it difficult to remove adhesive tabs as it can leave its residue in the scratches too.

Allow your nails to completely dry after washing your hands, showering, or any other way your hands are in contact to water or other substances.

Any moisture on the natural nail lessens the bond between the nail tip and natural nail bed.

Apply your nails the night before.

This ensures you have the maximum amount of time for the glue to completely solidify. And, you don't have to worry about applying your nails in a rush the day of the event where you may bump your nails on objects.